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Baggage to take on board


For all cruises:

- Identity papers

- Hat or cap                    

- Sunglasses

- Sun cream (prefer lotion)

- Buoy and/or armbands for the sailors

- Swimsuit and beach towel

- A long-sleeved garment


For multi-day cruises:
(in a penny bagple,no suitcase on board)

- Toiletries and towel

- Waterproof clothing and warm clothing for the evening

- Deck shoes with white soles. You can remain barefoot.

- Medications and prescription if you are undergoing treatment

- 12v charger (car)


Depending on your desires :

- Mask and snorkel fins if you have your equipment

- Books, magazines, newspapers

- Card or board games

- USB key or play list for music

Practical Details

To find me, put your things as close as possible to the sailboat then go and park your car.
The meeting takes place in front of the harbor master's office of Saint Pierre port, on the barrier side, there are shopping carts to transport your belongings to the boat.

Parking: At the Arromanches car park 500m from the port, Marché/Saint Pierre 200m from the port, 3rd basin further north 10/15 minutes walk in summer, it is advisable to take a little margin. In winter, the small car park in front of the harbor master's office is free, paying in summer.

Do some shopping before leaving.

An 8 to eight is 150m from the sailboat. Cool down before leaving. 
  (see map above)
Don't forget: Sunglasses, sun lotion, hat, sneakers, suitable clothing for rain and wind.
Choose a soft bag and  NO  a suitcase (difficult to store in a boat)
If you have a headlamp, books, a playlist, a favorite speaker, eco-responsible toiletries, ecological mosquito repellents.
Attention: at anchor and as soon as we left the quay, we are no longer on 220 V!! the recharges for your devices are only 12v type car (usb).
A sailboat cruise is very reminiscent of slow tourism, with a sporting connotation.   Sailing and water sports in general require healthy physical condition. 


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