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  • Private lessons  ​

  • Personalized coaching on your own sailboat   

  • Practical courses over 2, 3, 4 or 5 days from 2 people minimum to 4 people maximum. 

      As part of learning or revision, alone, with family or friends; gain or regain confidence,   gain in experience and   in autonomy.

       Apprendre  ou revoir les bases : vocabulaire ,  propulsion, steering, balance, lthe techniques of manchorage and mooring. Safety comes first and you will have all the necessary basics.


  • Consult me for requests particular.   Possibility of sleeping on board. 

  • To gain experience and autonomy (and depending on the weather), it is possible to combine the courses using formulas and packages:  

          _ 5 half-day pass:      630€

          _ 5 day package :   1360€

In the event that the weather is really bad, or the quota of people not reached the  stage would be postponed. 

  • Scheduled course dates:  

2 days:  

3 days:  

5 days :


Do not hesitate to contact me for specific information.

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